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Volume I: Until Tomorrow

by Adam Angel

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O 01:38
Japanese translation: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Adam-Angel-2/The-Transfer-Student/translation/japanese The first time that I had to live through this day I had greeted you all with a smile Then the 23rd time I repeated today I started to become somewhat tired By the thousand and fiftieth time I had grown so damn Sick of repeating my name At time thirteen thousand, with others still clueless, I see just one way to escape Cause someone is causing this And they're hiding in plain sight We're all being held hostage But I haven't found the reason why Thirteen thousand attempts at Pushing boulders to watch them fall Thirteen thousand more reasons To let go of who I once was 'Cause over and over and over I've seen All permutations of the same damn thing For things to be different I'll have to change the score This time I'm declaring war I spend every day as an outsider, Stifling strategies that I create And when I make progress towards finding the culprit, The next day it all gets erased I've made countless fruitless attempts to find somebody else who can Remember me after the day's reset But even at ten thousand times, conviction burns within my eyes To me, the battle's only begun The first time I did this I thought I could bear it Not knowing the burden of solitude's own weight How long have I spent in full isolation Surrounded by those who don't even know my name? So many times that I asked for someone To justify the reason that I'm here So many times that I wished I was strong That I had to become somebody else who was Over and over and over I've seen All permutations of the same damn thing A lifetime devoted, not finding a thing But I press on Over and over and over I've seen All permutations of the same damn thing For things to be different I'll have to change the score This time I'm declaring war I'm declaring war [8946th time] "Upon hearing my words, her eyes grow sad and she ponders for a while With a troubled look on her face, she tells me: 'Please wait until tomorrow.'"
Japanese translation: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Adam-Angel-2/Every-Iteration/translation/japanese "Write down my name," the transfer student told us when she came We all are writing, wondering the purpose of this game I feel a reason to write something other than her name She grabs me by the collar, drags me outside to explain She's been repeating this day over and over again Twenty-six hundred iterations that were all the same Moreover she explains to me that I'm the one to blame Because out of everyone there, I was the only one to Remember her real name From a time before today I tell Maria that I'm not the culprit I've got no motives, I swear But no matter the reason she won't listen 'Cause I can't explain why, why I know her real name I wrestle with an accusation I don't understand Her claims of boxes granting wishes don't make any sense But she's so certain I'm an owner that I doubt myself She demands I hand it over, and won't explain her reasons To take my box away She'll do anything it takes 'Cause every iteration that I've failed to see Leaving you in conflict on what to believe Lacking any reason for me to pull fate's strings But could I be the one? Every iteration that I've failed to see Leaving you with nothing, not a single lead Two thousand attempts but still just out of reach When will tomorrow come? And what will it all cost? I tell Maria that I'm not the culprit I've got no motives, I swear But no matter the reason she won't listen She will not listen to me I try to tell her that I'm not the culprit I've got no motives, I swear But no matter the reason she won't listen 'Cause I can't explain why, why I know her real name
Japanese translation: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Adam-Angel-2/Null-and-Void/translation/japanese Anything to wash away the shocking scene In front of me, to clear away the crimson sea Of blood and rain that's slowly drifting towards Our direction She begins to tell me of the accident that Happened here, that made my friend something unrecognizable But I can't process anything she's saying The sky starts enclosing around me My eyes wide, awaken at my desk with my Dead friend alive, as memories incited by the Gruesome sight come flooding back and force me to remember Petrified, the cycle we are locked within That holds our lives, rehearsals for a play that's ending Every time with a horror that has stripped me of My senses, my courage, my strength to reject this The days all end like this A bloody accident A predetermined fate A scene I can't escape Witness a life destroyed Declare it null and void My stream of consciousness Is being held captive By every single death It wont let me forget Witness a life destroyed Declare it null and void
Japanese translation: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Adam-Angel-2/The-Same-Four-Words/translation/japanese This empty place has a cold embrace My memory's been in a haze I can't keep track of all the days Tens of thousands, Maria says And someone here has been erased Removed from our memories I almost can't recall their name The name of our absentee How many desks are now vacant From people who have been erased? While others don't notice a thing Each repetition, vanishing How many deaths have followed me Through countless cycles I have seen? Each lucid moment shortening Each repetition, vanishing I tried, I tried There has to be a better way For me to retain my memories I'll do something so out of place This ether won't wash it away This time, this time With new resolve to break routine And the girl I love in front of me I ask her for a chance to speak So I can tell her how I feel But her answer's worse than a 'no' And I've heard her answer before Every iteration this occurs She tells me the same four words- (Please wait until tomorrow) But I know we won't reach tomorrow I know we won't reach tomorrow I know we won't reach tomorrow I know it will never come
Abrasion 06:25
Japanese translation: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Adam-Angel-2/What-We-ve-Abandoned/translation/japanese The curtains close on me In what should've been my final moments Awaken in my bed, the previous day The lack of blood within me moments ago Causes me to shiver Exclude my memories, And the reset days are nearly perfect Almost convinces me that I am alone But in a sea of static, someone's there So I reach my hand out, and call to her A lone companion in this world Maria holds a box, an unfinished wish still being granted Her past became the cost, a life she forgot Helping others is her only desire Even at her peril Now she is at a loss My exoneration has her troubled Have thirty thousand days connected no dots? The culprit's hidden in the grass long enough Hanging in the balance, the ones here with us And Maria's goal to mend her box Lost, lost in speculation Of the motive that built our walls No wish made is flawless Time's arrow can't be caught A frightening method finds me But my words provoked her ire From what I've implied That I see her as inhuman And I shattered our bond With my reply: "Then why'd you let me die?" Along an empty street There's eerie sense it's missing details I listen carefully, but I don't hear a sound Is this the final cycle I'll recall? Should I try and stop it? Is my journey done? Is it better to not fight the storm? Rain starts and I feel an ominous fright When I realize the road I'm nearby The crosswalk in sight, as a truck starts to slide And the girl that I love in the headlights Desparately fight to save her from the strike But the gap between us is too wide Hard as I try, I didn't make it in time But someone pushes her aside I finally understand now The role Maria plays Her tattered state consumes her with such pain But she does not waver With all that we've abandoned Now far behind our backs We watch the sky get swallowed by our stage But I will not cower, I will not run We'll reach tomorrow hand in hand
Japanese translation: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Adam-Angel-2/0th-Time-Solitude/translation/japanese How many times had I thought That my life wasn't worth living? When a dreary boredom was so commonplace And how many times was I hurt By the selfishness of others? Till one day I couldn't tell apart the New scars from the old They all told me the same thing Empty praise for how I seem so cheerful What a wonderful success They can't see the walls I built My true self is safe from them Safe from them, Safe from them Safe from them How many times was a lie At the root of a connection Till relationships were weeds I couldn't pull So much of me had been faked Down to every worthless detail Till the character I played erased the person I once was You should all just disappear, you should all just disappear You should all just disappear Disappear, disappear Disappear An ordinary day, in a passive haze When a feeling that I've tried to hide Crept into my mind, slowly grew in size And the word for it soon crystallized Spilling out of me, filling empty space Extending the walls I put up Until what I placed turned into a maze With no paths between me and them Panic struck me all at once Crushing my chest, squashing my heart I couldnt seem to breathe I couldnt seem to breathe I no longer could recognize The world presented by my eyes I couldn't seem to see I couldn't seem to see Smothered by the dark's embrace Not knowing whether I exist Desperate for somebody to help me And that's when someone noticed me But all they asked was why I was smiling I felt my face in disbelief The mask I wore had frozen it entirely, entirely Then one by one the others who Surrounded me each turned into Transparent bodies made of glass My world had come apart I left without saying a thing Ready to end the farce I live 'Cause my fictitious life has no one left in it I rejected them all, rejected them all Rejected them all, rejected them all "Excuse me, are you alright?" Said someone who followed me The world returned to my eyes As I turned to look their way "You're always trying so hard To be cheerful, but I think That your true self is in pain From a loneliness you feel" Those few words had voiced my burden Better than I could myself And maybe I'm naive or foolish Or just wanted a reason to live But I fell in love Then came someone with no face And with such charisma they said "Do you have a wish?" Knowing there isn't a way I answer, soaked in blood and rain "I don't want any regrets"
Japanese translation: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Adam-Angel-2/A-Screeching-Heart/translation/japanese I've counted thousands of confessions that you've made But every time you would forget it the next day No matter what I'd say I've spent a lifetime cursing days that never came The countless copies of today burned in my brain Till madness eased my pain Until all that remained Was love turned to disdain I bear a knife in my right hand Already bloodied from your friends It's time you vanish like the rest of them Their grating presence, deafening Only silence lets me breathe But from my heart pours out the loudest sound A box held moments from a grave Those final seconds used to make this place Where my regrets can be erased Where my worst nightmare's on replay To free myself from death's embrace To make you fall in love with me It's all just part of a defective wish As I'm abraded bit by bit That's when I realized what I made There is no freedom to obtain Only distractions from the end And I'm too weak to stop myself The veil that's blinded me Slips briefly Enough for this pawn to think clearly So, I turn the knife on me And I speak A worthless apology It quickly pierces me And I plead Plead for this to end my story But you, and your naivete Will not cease Thinking you can somehow save me I fall to the floor Hollowed and cold This soul can't hold on anymore As he watches me bleed There's no peace Only the despair of love's grief My final breaths are slow But I know I died a long time ago -------------- O: "Who gave you permission to die?"
Japanese translation: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Adam-Angel-2/Behind-the-Mask/translation/japanese 'Nother iteration The girl I love is gone But this world continues Like it never needed her While the glass around us Remains far too opaque For us to see our escape That's when a question Escapes Maria's thoughts: "Who is the provider Who gave the girl her box? Have we been performing For that wish-granting being Who are the actors that keep us in this play?" The curtains close in every Iteration, iteration Another act that ends with No conclusion, no conclusion The stage is set for our Next performance, next performance But this time we won't let The lights blind us A wicked hand's been guiding me Blindfolded through the scenes Through every form of tragedy That's brought me to my knees I spent all night connecting strings To construct a common theme Just to find an iteration-causing Wish-creating being Behind the girl who I had loved Were thirty thousand days Born from a wish, inches from death Creating our play But clues about the truth are there Behind our absentee Behind the mask of our friend, The one pulling the strings We hold the curtains in this Iteration, iteration They will not close, not in this Iteration, iteration We set the stage to make our Final exit, final exit To force the hand Of the director here Confrontation with a person After years of isolation Pull the mask off of our impostor Greeted by a faceless figure With a name of just one letter Someone I've met before But I wonder who's been cornered Is our leverage just a bluff or Will it free us from this prison And set her free? Kazuki: You were careless with your words. O: There was nothing careless about them. You noticed the truth because you're abnormal. What's this bluff supposed to achieve? Maria: I've made preparations to erase you. One wish from him and you'll vanish. O: You realize that you would disappear as well? Maria: I'm well aware of that. O: Can you still not live for yourself, Maria? Nothing is more boring than an existence like yours. Alright, let's make a deal. O: Let me give you one piece of advice: Every box is fueled by a desire to change something. But you oppose that drive... the very antithesis of someone who would use a box. That's why, no matter how much you care for the girl, or for Maria-- --you will become enemies.
Japanese translation: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Adam-Angel-2/Until-Tomorrow/translation/japanese The scenery on our walls Is torn like wallpaper, crumbles and reveals The box that's been containing us With walls cold and narrow, from what I can feel The one I love's imprisoned here Bound by the shackles she once called her wish The only way to set her free Is to give her the answer that she once gave me All that she wanted was To die without regrets For that, she's locked in this cage To delay her fate Knowing her end is today She confesses her feelings to me And waits for my answer Knowing there's only one way I struggle but finally say "Please wait until tomorrow" Here in eternity Where the countless days have flowed Eroding our destinies For a misguided goal There, she embraces me And tells me to believe one thing Throughout that eternity She has always loved me Upon hearing my words She casts her eyes downwards But soon she looks up at me And responds with a smile And finally my memories Of how I fell in love return But they’ll go entirely When I destroy this box A predeterminted fate falls into place And this time, it cannot be erased On her side Covered in blood, she smiles And gives me her goodbye As she closes her eyes As this white light Floods everything in sight Encroaches my insides Until I close my eyes
Japanese translation: https://www.musixmatch.com/lyrics/Adam-Angel-2/One-Last-First-Time/translation/japanese The first Maria Had a faint smile She wanted someone To be by her side But in that neverending hell She had eternity to change herself We've reached tomorrow But at a cost This melancholy, From memories I've lost? The girl who held that box survived So I'm not sure why I still cry I meet her one last first time On a day that we thought would never come I want to believe she's the same But this time her smile's gone


The first in a set of concept albums whose story is based on the Hakomari book series. This album follows the first volume.


released August 28, 2021

Composition, lyrics, performances, mixing, and production by Adam Angel.
Cover art by Marie Muravski.


all rights reserved



Adam Angel New York, New York

A progressive rock musician with a symphonic, piano-heavy lean.

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